Clean Chaetomorpha (Macro Algae)

Clean Chaetomorpha (Macro Algae)

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Clean Pest free Cheato, grown in isolated systems specifically for its propagation. 


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Chaetomorpha also known as chaeto macro algae.

Chaeto is one of the best ways to help maintain water quality in the saltwater coral reef aquarium. Fish waste and left over uneaten food produce nutrients that lead to poor water quality.

Chaeto acro algae grows by absorbing and processing these nutrients. Grow macro algae in your saltwater aquarium tank to reduce the accumulation of phosphates, nitrites, nitrates which are toxic to the corals, fish and invertebrates. 

You can place Chaeto just about anywhere. Main tank or refugium.

Give your Chaeto some light. Chaeto does not have roots.

Chaeto just floats around like in the ocean, looking like a large Brillo pad. If you place it near a rock, it can grow its tendrils and entangle itself and remain anchored to the rock.

Chaeto can be grown floating or attached to an object in your saltwater marine aquarium.

Saltwater macro algae like chaetomorpha is great for Seahorse systems and fish like mandarins.  Seahorses will cling to and graze on all the many copepods micro crustaceans living in the algae.  

Mandarins  also constantly look for Chaeto algae to find and consume Copepods and Amphipods. 

Most coral reef fish graze on zooplankton that lives in Chaeto macro algae on the worlds reefs and estuaries.</