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Who are we? 

Hello, my name is Will and I'm the owner of HT Corals. We (My wife and I) are a small scale retailer located in beautiful Colorado. I think of reefing as a passion and a wonderful hobby that can include your whole family. I strive to keep my prices low and still have great quality corals to spread to all those that enjoy this as much as I do.  I hope in the coming future with all the support from my customers I will be able to expand my shop and offer a lot more to the community. Feel free to donate or purchase my coral, to support me in my efforts to bring you the best selection and top quality coral right to your doorstep! As always Happy Reefing!


Minimum Order Requirement:

We here at HT corals have a minimum order $80 (not including shipping) As we do a flat rate shipping rate which never covers the full cost of shipping. We always eat that cost as a business, not to mention the time, packaging material, and gas to drive it to the ship center. In order to keep our coral prices low and not raise them to cover the expense we choose to implement this policy. If you have any questions please let me know.

Coral Holds and Cancelling policy:

  • I can hold corals for a certain period of time if they are paid for in full. Please contact me and we can discuss further details.

  • If you place an order and then ask to cancel it, you will be refunded your order amount LESS the 3% CC/Paypal processing fee that we are charged(processors do not refund this 3% under any circumstances).  


Coral Acclimation Recommendations:

  • Everyone seems to have their own way to acclimate.  In general, I suggest floating the bag in your sump until the temperature matches your tank for about 15-20 min.  After floating, place the corals into your tank directly. I would not do any drip or water mixing acclimation, this almost always does more harm then good.  I STRONGLY recommend you don't dip corals right away.  Instead let them sit in a QT for a few days then dip if need be.  Some corals are more sensitive and dipping stresses them. If they are showing signs of stress from shipping, don't dip them right away. Lastly, if you use harsher agents such as Coral RX or Revive, ALWAYS error on using a bit less, not MORE. Please see product descriptions for notations on how to dip our specified corals. 


How I feed My Corals:

  • I do spot feed some of my LPS corals. I broadcast feed Reef Roids on occasion and use Red Sea Reef Energy AB when nutrients are low. I feed a good mixture to my fish, lots of my homemade frozen food mainly and nori. Feel free to ask me for the recipe if you are interested. Bottom line keep fish fat and they feed the corals with all they need! 

Fresh Cut Corals.. 

  • I will NOT ship fresh cuts! If you request fresh cuts I will not honor our DOA policy. Shipping without the two week healing period will result in buyers purchase at your own risk. If you order anything that is a fresh cut, I'll contact you about your order and let you know the earliest I can ship, ensuring the frags have enough time to heal before sending them out to you. If they are listed most likely they are ready to go!


How I pack my Corals:

  • ​Corals are packed in the highest quality Styrofoam padded boxes (Rmax), heat sealed in 4mil bags, then  padded with peanuts or other packing material(bubble-wrap) to prevent shifting and damage.  I look at the weather of the destination and will use 40hr or 72hr heat packs if needed, or in extreme heat I will use a polar tech ice pack. Both are separated from the coral via packing material so that no direct contact is made with the bags.


How my pictures are taken:

  • I strive to provide accurate pictures of the coral for sale. Sample frag pictures will be similar to what you'll receive.  Pictures are taken using a Galaxy S22 Ultra, and then basic color correction is done in lightroom. Heavily photo-shopped pictures are not something I do!  Once acclimated to your system and your lighting, the coral should look very close to what my pictures represent. Sometimes SPS can brown out or have some loss in color but once settled will be bright and beautiful again!

  • Furthermore, buyers should also understand macro photos can sometimes capture color and extra detail that is hard to see with the naked eye. Not to mention the different lighting used by the hobbyist. This means there is a potential to have some color and detail turn out differently from my photos compared to what your naked eye sees. Though again, I try to make my pictures look as close to what my eyes see. 

  • Using only blues will require me to use a "Tru-VU" filter or it would look just pure blue and you would not be able to see the detail/color of the coral.  

​Water Parameters and Lighting:

I run mixture of lighting on my tanks, my working display is mainly led with T5 supplements(Blue Plus).Frag systems are running T5 and LED. Some are all LED and some are all T5. T5's used are Coral Plus and Blue Plus. 

  • Temp 78

  • Salinity 1.025-1.026

  • Alkalinity 8.0-8.5 DKH Target is 8.0

  • Magnesium 1350

  • Calcium 400-420

  • Nitrate .01-20 ppm

  • Phosphate .03-.13 ppm

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