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We here @HTcorals offer premium aquaculture corals, and also a vast selection of fresh imported corals. Click on our products section to view all in stock items! We are always updating our list so please subscribe and become a member for exclusives/stock updates. 

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We look at coral not just from a hobbyist point of view we see coral reef ecosystems as a support system to a variety of human benefits. They are important for livelihoods, fisheries, tourism, shoreline protection, and yield compounds that are significant in the advancement of new pharmaceuticals. We hope with enough support that we can be a fully 100% aquaculture facility. We may be a smaller shop but just look at Amazon, Microsoft, Disney, and many others who all started in just a garage! So when you buy our coral your also buying a better future for you and future generations, save the reefs. 

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Come meet us! We will be at a sponsored event by Jake Adams at Reef Builders. Reef Stock 2020! Booth 507 Looking forward to seeing you! Click Banner below to buy tickets! 


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